With 3 plants and 35 years experience applying liquid coatings, Allied remains dedicated to Quality and Customer satisfaction.  Now applying only water-based products – we have been able to source the right manufacturer to fit the customers specifications and needs, while maintaining expected performance.


Small parts or Large parts makes no difference.  Allied at both the Tulsa and Corydon plants offer Conveyor line processing and/or Batch processing.  The Chapin plant currently is starting up only a small part (45″ x 36″ maximum size) conveyor line.
Both the conveyor and batch lines offer expedite services to meet the growing demands when our customers are challenged.  As the coater we are often times the last link in the chain before products are shipped to the end-user, so meeting the time table of our customers is something we pride ourselves on.

E-COATING – Electrodeposition

To be completed next month (Under Construction).

HVAC Coating

We have recently brought on the OMNI 14-641 coating for atmospheres that will be exposed to many types of chemistries.  Coating durability and maintaining coil performance is exceptional including Paper Mills, Waste-water Treatment and Coastal placements. The Chapin plant also offers company transportation on our new flatbed 24 foot x 8 ft trailer.  The weight limit is 8000/lbs, without needing commercial services.