14-M641 Anti Corrosion / Hydrophobic

The 14-M641 Anti-Corrosion coating is naturally Hydrophobic.  The beading up of the water creates a surface which allows for easy cleaning with mild soap.

14-M641 has been formulated for spray applications on HVAC coils exclusively.  The low viscosity of the paint allows for excellent penetration of tight fin placement, utilizing the proper spray equipment combined with a professional applicator.  Thermal performance is maintained without jeopardizing the performance due to a protective coating over the coil.

14-M641 is protecting coils, in some of the most challenging chemical atmospheres where Heat exchangers operate.  Including Paper-Mills, Waste-water treatment plants, Coastal buildings, and Chemical processing plants, e.g. plastics, food processing, and rubber.

14-M641 Hydrophobic