Anti-Microbial Coating


Allied Applications has chosen to partner with one of the most flexible, and diversified paint manufacturers in the country, to help develop and satisfy the coating needs represented by many of our customers. The 14-X629 has been used on several projects, including pharmaceutical, Institutional (Hospital, Schools etc.) and HVAC projects.  The surface is coated and thereby, creates a substrate that offers protection against the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew on surfaces.

Our coating 14-X649 once applied creates a hostile environment for any microorganism to grow.  Microorganisms need a food source to grow – when a surface is coated, which hinders any kind of food source – the microorganism does not survive.


Question: How long does it last?

The longevity until re-coat is necessary is directly attributed to the environment in which the surface is exposed. E.G. High Humidity 24/7, High/Low hand, and foot traffic etc.

Question: How do I know it is effective?

Allied Applications will swab areas of the coated surface once a year and have tested for Bacteria growth.  The test is shared with the customer.  The data will measure the level of micro-organisms present.