About Us

In 1971 Hubert “Bud” Slusher put his chemistry degree to work at the Louisville, Ky. location of Celanese Chemical Corp.  Starting in the lab – working on the first formulations developing Powder Coating, Bud is a foremost expert in coatings, applications and exceptional with Powder coating.

After Celanese sold the Powder Coating Technology to Interpon Corp, Bud moved into International Sales and in 1990 opened his first Powder Coating Service plant in Louisville, Ky.

In 2001, with the demand of the appliance base growing and the high-quality standards that the operation produced, Bud opened the Powder-Blue corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at first offering only powder coating services.

In 2008 the Louisville plant moved and launched Allied Applications in Corydon, Indiana (25 miles west of Louisville, Ky). A Liquid line was expanded, and Powder coating services were upgraded to the new 25,000 square foot plant.  Business grew, having further opportunities within Electrical Tubing, Metal Enclosures and the Lawn/Garden industries, requiring in 2017 a 15,000 square foot expansion – bringing production space to 40,000 sq. ft.

The 3rd facility was opened in Chapin South Carolina in November 2015, offering only spray liquid coating for HVAC units and coils.  The coating was also incorporated into the Indiana and Oklahoma plants.  Each location has a mobile coating unit that can go on-site for application of the Anti-corrosion coating.  Also added to services in 2016, Allied brought on its own trucking capability, at the Chapin plant. Thus, allowing for just in time deliveries of coated HVAC units – while offering a reduced freight cost to its customers, within a 200-mile radius of the plant.

In early 2019 a new State-of-the-Art Electrodeposition process started operations at the Tulsa Oklahoma plant. The E-coat tank will handle HVAC coils 21 feet long featuring 9 tanks, including a zirconium oxide conversion coating, which adds extra adhesion and enhanced anti-corrosion properties. The coating tank has the newest technology of E-coating (Axalta 6100EC) with heightened throw-power, allowing for successful coating in the tightest of geometries with no bridging between tight openings.  In June 2020 the Corydon Indiana plant will start offering Electrodeposition coating for automotive, and metal fabrication industries.

Many Thanks! – to our customers who have challenged us to continually improve, develop, and innovate.