OMNI Electrocoating was launched 2019 – featuring a 9-stage coating process, exclusively designed to completely coat HVAC coils.  The Axalta 6100EC has excellent electrical throw-power.  This process is not only excellent for standard tube/fin coils but, necessary to completely coat with no bridging the small tight fin spacing of micro-channel coils. The 6100EC also meets the strict standards of NSF-51, making this E-coating an excellent choice for  heat-exchangers operating in food processing environments.

Stage 4 features a Zirconium Oxide conversion coating bath.  This stage develops the coil surface for enhanced adhesion, and corrosion resistance, before the E-coating is deposited.  The conversion coating also allows for excellent adhesion not only on Aluminum but on many types of metals, e.g. Stainless, Copper, Hot/Cold rolled steel, Galvanized etc.

The process is just not coating however:  Coils are a delicate product – that requires the careful handling and Quality Control – making sure the coil returns coated, and in perfect condition.

Quality – Care – Meeting our Customers’ expectations